Jennifer Love Hewitt, Twitter


Mommy mishap, much?!

Jennifer Love Hewitt had big goals for today, and while some of them got slightly derailed, the new mother of two kept a great sense of humor about what really went down.

The actress, who just gave birth to her second child earlier this summer, took to Twitter to document a hilarious snafu that took place during a luncheon.

"Ventured out for first business lunch since baby boy arrived," she began by writing before attaching a photo that pretty much says it all.

"Lactated through silk jumpsuit mid meeting. Had to buy scarf for dignified exit. #hotelgiftshop #mommylife." Honestly, it happens to the best of us!

Hewitt gave birth to a baby boy named Atticus James Hallisay back in late June, marking her second child with hubby Brian Hallisay.

The Criminal Minds star opened up about how much she enjoyed being pregnant in the May 2015 issue of American Baby, saying, "Pregnancy is magical. I'm grateful."

Hewitt, who was in her third trimester at the time, added, "Because so many of us are busy or driven, we forget to take care of ourselves. But when you're pregnant, it's all about you—and that baby inside of you. Enjoy a nap; for some reason our generation thinks we can't do that! Really listen to your body. I hope to continue to be a little kinder to myself after pregnancy."

And based on how wonderfully she handled today's little lactating moment, it's safe to say she's definitely taking that advice to heart post-pregnancy as well!

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