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The claws have come out!

Barbie Blank and Olivia Pierson have butted heads since the premiere episode of WAGS. Remember when Olivia told Barbie all hockey players were cheaters? Yeah, not good. And predictably, all their built up tension reached a breaking point in last night's episode. 

But before we get into all of that, the episode began with Nicole Williams taking a pregnancy test to find out if she and boyfriend Larry English would have a baby.

WAGS 103

"If I am pregnant and this test is positive, I don't know what I'm going to do," Nicole said. "I'm terrified. This is not how it's supposed to happen."

After several dramatic moments, Nicole revealed the results to Olivia and Natalie. It was…negative!

"Thank god," she said. "If the test had been positive it would have been so much added pressure on our relationship that we do not need right now."

WAGS 103

Elsewhere, Ashley North was still dealing with the news that her fiancé Dashon Goldson wanted to indefinitely postpone their wedding date. She met with Sasha Gates and Autumn Ajirotutu to discuss the situation over lunch.

Autumn caught Ashley off guard when she asked, "Were you ever worried that he called off the wedding because he was cheating?"

"I didn't really think of that. No," Ashley replied. "Let's say you're worried about cheating and you find something, well what are you going to do?" she wondered.

To which Autumn responded, "The mind f--k is real."

WAGS 103

In other news, Natalie and Olivia enlisted Joe Simpson (yes, Jessica Simpson's dad!) to shoot new photos for their fashion blog. 

Following the shoot, Olivia decided to throw Natalie a party to celebrate her 1 million Instagram followers. "Honestly, we never celebrate anything and it's really cool, I think, so I want to do that for her," Olivia said. "I think it will be a good time."

WAGS 103

But, that wasn't her only motive. Olivia also had her sights set on a former football player. "We definitely have to throw this party because Nicole is inviting Shawne Merriman," she told Natalie.

However, when Olivia found out he was retired, she wasn't quite as excited. "You know eventually they all retire, right?" Natalie said. "This life expires." Hmm, wise words.

WAGS 103

Meanwhile, Natalie and her man Shaun Phillips have a real chat about her professional Instagram career. "I did notice you've been deleting me off Instagram," he said. "It's not cool." Uh-oh.

"It's just makeup tips and clothes and outfits of the day. It's really not my personal Instagram anymore," she responded. Shaun countered, "I feel like I confess my love to you and you don't confess your love."

"I do all the time, other than Instagram!" she said. LOL!

WAGS 103

Later on, Natalie, Olivia, Nicole and their friends attend Natalie's blowout Instagram bash, complete with cupcakes, paddles and huge posters with her face. Everyone was having a good time, especially Olivia after she gave Shawne Merriman her number!

However, the party went from fun to awkward when Barbie arrived with her friend, Heidi. "We just feel so un-included," Barbie said. "They're just doing their own thing and we're like left by ourselves."

WAGS 103

Noticeably absent from the festivities were Sasha, Ashley and Autumn, who all decided to skip the party for a quiet dinner at Mr Chow instead.

"She's thinks she's famous because she got 1 million followers, and how many people are in the world?" Sasha asked. "Who cares?"

WAGS 103

Back at the party, Olivia's friend, Sharina, decided to confront Barbie and Heidi about giving Olivia dirty looks from across the room.

"Are you giving my girlfriend dirty f--king looks?" Sharina asked. "Is this a joke?" Heidi replied.

WAGS 103

The dirty-look debate continued to escalate between Sharina, Heidi and Barbie until Nicole tried to step in. That's when Sharina accidentally pushed Nicole to the ground! Oops!

"F--k! Oh my god! I think my f--king foot is broken!" Nicole yelled.

Nicole limped out of the party early, while Barbie and Heidi laughed off the entire situation.

WAGS 103

The next day, Nicole visited Natalie to hash out the crazy events from the night before.

"I haven't gotten a chance to go to the doctor yet, but I can't wear heels right now," Nicole said about her injured foot. "It's swollen."

But, her boyfriend Larry cheered her up by sending her a video and picture of his new tattoo: her name! "[Larry] getting my name tattooed on him is almost as good as an engagement ring," she said. "He's going to be with me forever now."

WAGS 103

Elsewhere, Olivia met up with Barbie to squash their ongoing feud. And she finally said she was sorry!

"I didn't mean to insult you or Sheldon," Olivia told Barbie. "I just felt like I was misunderstood, so I apologize." Whew!

Meanwhile, Ashley sat down with Dashon to seriously discuss his cold feet. "After 11 years, how can you not be sure you want to marry me?" she told him. The episode ended with Ashley finally asking him the pivotal question that's been on her mind: "Is it another girl?"

Watch WAGS next Tuesday at 10PM, only on E!

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