Drake, Instagram


Drake's been getting all swole and athletic now. Maybe his rumored romance with Serena Williams has something to do with that?

When Drake (a.k.a. Champagne Papi) isn't running through the six with his woes, he's shooting Instagram videos of him being the Sporty Spice of his crew.

First up? The 28-year-old rapper shows off his "crazy lamp trick shot," which is basically him trying to score a goal but accidentally smashing an outdoor lamp instead.

"Goooooooooooooal," he yells after the shot. If your goal was to go shopping for replacement lighting fixtures and sconces, then yeah Drake, you did it!

His friends laugh as he sheepishly looks at the camera.

Next up, Drake shows off his ping pong skills, also known as table tennis, which is pretty much the mini version of what his girl Serena is famous for... anyway...

Drizzy Drake is much more talented with a paddle in his hand.

After a cross-court rally, Drake runs his friend off the table and turns around for a subdued victory celebration.

No word if the two went in for a rematch so Drake could go "Back to Back."

We wonder what Serena thinks of his skills!

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