Fort Worth Couple, Shaun Riddle, Debbie Riddle


Shaun and Debbie Riddle were hit with quite a surprise when they dined at the West Side Cafe in Fort Worth, Texas. The couple had eaten there before but hadn't visited recently, so were startled when their server Kayla Lane remembered them.

Lane remembered the couple and their adorable baby daughter, Glory. What Lane didn't know was the couple had just lost their baby daughter a few weeks prior. She told their local CBS affiliate, when she asked about their daughter, "They kind of looked at each other and were very silent." Shaun then responded, "We said, ‘Well, she passed away four weeks ago.'"

Fort Worth Couple, Shaun Riddle, Debbie Riddle


At 9 nine weeks old, the Riddles' daughter fell asleep for her nap and never woke up. Her parents still don't know why. Lane admits she felt awful for bringing it up, saying, "‘Oh gosh, I made them remember!' even though it's going through their minds all day, every day."

Wanting to do something for the couple, Lane picked up their bill.

Fort Worth Couple, Shaun Riddle, Debbie Riddle


Debbie shared an image of the bill on her Facebook saying, "We eat at West Side Cafe on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth quite a lot and last month sometime we took our new baby, Glory in. Well, we just went there this afternoon and our waitress Kayla remembered us and asked where our baby was. Sadly, we had to tell her baby Glory passed away and is with God now. She felt so horrible for asking but she was so sweet. When it was time for us to pay our bill, Kayla brings over our receipt. She didn't even want us to tip her because she said the company took care of her tip as well. We hear so much negativity on the news and so that is why I felt led to share this story in hopes that Kayla and this restaurant will get some good recognition."

Even though Kayla told a small fib that the cafe picked up the tab, she actually paid for it out of pocket, a manager confirmed to the local CBS affiliate.

"I was just shocked," said Debbie. Shaun says he tried to refuse. "And, she said, ‘No, no, don't worry. The company took care of it,'" said Shaun. Kayla then shared on her Facebook what an impact the couple had on her. "Their faith was apparent and it inspired me so much. The downpour of positive words and chain of love that this story has started around the world is more than I could have ever expected and makes my heart so happy."

When this couple came into west side yesterday, I surprised them by remembering their faces and their lovely baby girl,...

Posted by Kayla Lane on Friday, June 5, 2015

Kindness, pass it on!

In lieu of donations, the family has a simple request to honor their daughter. "I would like birdhouses made in memory of Glory," the family wrote on Facebook. You can pick one up from your local store, buy a wooden one and paint it, or make one! Whatever you want to do!

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