Yo, Shia LaBeouf. We're not going to keep ignoring this. You're up to something. What's the deal, bro?

Let's start with your new look, my man.


Shia Labeouf


Eyebrow ring? Some kind of crazy long mullet? Who just decides overnight to go that way? I'll tell you who, dude. Someone working some kind of angle or scheme and you. So what is it, brah? What's the angle? You know something we don't? Tell us. 

Oh, and what about this?

Shia LaBeouf


You hauling pieces of a tree around, my man? What's going on there? Only people I know hauling around tree stumps like that are tree removal guys, bros trying to get ripped or both. So which one are you? A tree removal guy or a bro trying to get ripped as s***? I think I know the answer. The ponytail? The eyebrow ring? The logs? Are you turning into an Alaskan, man? Is that what's going on? Seriously what the f*** are you up to, Shia?!

Here's another pic, my friend. Explain this.

Shia Labeouf


That looks like a hydroponics kit. You doing some growing, man? Growing some "herbs", man? Growing a little "grass", dude? You growing and smoking a ton of "marijuana" which would explain your sudden and drastic physical transformation as you sit in your house all day blazing, tending to your plants and watching Daredevil on Netfllix? Is that what's going on, Shia? IS IT?!!!!

Cool. We're ok with that. Blaze on, brah.

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