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Revenge despair is a dish best served shared.

After four crazy twist-filled seasons, ABC decided to cancel Revenge, and the Internet, well, it had some thoughts. But you know who else did? Some of our family and friends who are not exactly active on social media, like one of our editor's mothers, who actually live-texts her during TV shows because she doesn't have a Twitter account. (Count your blessings, Internet!)

And because we're such loving, caring individuals, we're sharing their private messages they sent us after hearing oh Revenge's cancellation with the world. And letting you know all typos, questionable abbreviations, emoticons, etc. are their own. 



The Elated

"THANK YOU! I AM FINALLY FREE OF SPENDING MY TIME WATCHING THIS. Also, it makes sense because they've literally killed off every main character. If Emily/Amanda wakes up from a dream in the finale I'm going to be so mad. But not actually surprised."

"THANK GOD. There's nowhere left for it to go without it getting even weirder"

"I KNEW IT! It needs to die!"


ABC/Bob D'Amico

The Content

"Well it got bad at the end…like soap opera bad."

"It's OK. This frees up time for The OC."

"I would have liked to see it go in a different direction. They killed off all the good people and replaced them with HORRIBLE actors! So good riddens!! Lol."

"Revenge was finally canc? No surprise. It was so ridiculous."

Emily VanCamp, Revenge

ABC/Danny Feld

The Distraught


"I literally have no reason to live anymore. Goodbye world."

"I feel betrayed! How could ABC do that?! They thrive off shows like this to target the mid-twenties market."

"Oh wow ;-("

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