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The latest piece of evidence in the case of What's Really Going on Between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield is quite interesting.

The actress was spotted leaving her stylist's office building in Beverly Hills today, and along with looking casually chic in a pair of denim jeans, a white tank and a pair of shades, one specific accessory was hard to miss—that paper shopping bag.

Sure, at first glance it doesn't look like anything special, but give it another peek and you'll notice that Garfield's name is written across the top.

Why is that interesting, you ask? Well, only because this fan-favorite Hollywood couple is reportedly on a break, so what is going on here?! Let's discuss the possible explanations.

Now, usually, if one was to have a bag of stuff with their (kinda) ex's name on it, you would think it's a bunch of their stuff that they're returning. However, this doesn't seem to be the case.

She wouldn't be walking out with it, it wouldn't be at her stylist's office and we refuse to entertain the idea that these two are over. Instead, let's flip the script and assess the situation—maybe they're back together?!

Perhaps Stone was running errands and her stylist said she had something for Garfield, and the actress stopped by to pick it up for him because they're in love and happy and together again, forever?

Maybe Garfield left something behind and Stone went and picked it up for him because she's going to see him soon...because they're in love and happy and together again, forever?

Or, dare we say, the pair never even took a break to begin with and this whole thing was just miscommunication and needs to be forgotten like a bad dream?

We like those possible scenarios.

What do you think is the deal with the "Andrew Garfield" shopping bag? Sound off in the comments!

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