Total Divas star Eva Marie is known for her fire red locks, but fans may be surprised to hear that the WWE had different plans for the pro wrestler when they signed her on.

The E! star chatted with E! News' Ken Baker about the upcoming season (which airs July 7) as well as her signature look, and that's when Eva Marie revealed that the original plan was to make her go platinum blond.

"In season one, you kinda see my whole transformation. When I signed with WWE, they said, 'Hey, can you dye your hair because you look way too familiar to the Bella Twins?' You know we're both Mexican-Italian, dark features, so we couldn't have that going on, right," she began to tell us.

"But WWE actually wanted me blond, they wanted me platinum blond. If you call my mom up she'll show you pictures—I was blond in high school and it was not a good look," Eva Marie added.

"So I'm sitting in New York Wrestlemania and I'm getting told, 'You have to dye your hair platinum blond.' And I was like, I can't do it, I can't do it. There's no way I'm gonna feel confident in my own skin. So I went red. Fire red."

And thank goodness for that, because she totally rocks it...but it's not easy. As one can probably guess, her fire red locks are tough to maintain. Eva Marie tells us she has to get her roots touched up about every four weeks, and explained that her famous hashtag #AllRedEverything is because her red dye would literally get everywhere.

We're sure hubby Jonathan Coyle loves that.

Watch the clip to find out what you can expect in the new season and much more!

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