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Put on your best Aunt Sassy track suit and say it with us now: We DO want to see that!

Lisa Kudrow has revealed she's working on another season of The Comeback

"We're talking about what comes next, but we're not in a rush," Kudrow told Blackbook about the future of her Emmy nominated HBO series. "At first I didn't talk to [Michael Patrick King, The Comeback's co-creator] about it, out of panic, but we were done in December and I thought, ‘Oh god that means we have to start up again next month. I don't know if I can, it's too soon, I'm too tired.' And then we talked about it, and said we don't have to, we can wait a year and a half. Then HBO said, yeah, whenever, whenever you have it, let us know. It's wonderful."

She added, "We've got to get moving now. And hopefully it will be good enough."

Where's that Valerie Cherish prayer hands emoji when you need it?

It's true, HBO has been very open about wanting more adventures of former sitcom star Valerie Cherish and her quest to stay relevant with the help of reality TV. When we caught up with HBO's Michael Lombardo in March, he said whether or not we were gifted with another season of The Comeback depended on Kudrow and co-creator Michael Patrick King.

"At this point Michael is very busy on his broadcast network show but never say never. It was a phenomenal moment—a moment of alchemy so if they came up with an idea for a third season I'm all there," Lombardo, the president of programming at HBO, told us.

The Comeback, Lisa Kudrow


In case you've never experienced The Comeback (what is wrong with you?), here's what you need to know: The first season debuted in 2005 and found former sitcom star Valerie Cherish (Kudrow) welcoming reality cameras into her life to chronicle her comeback on a new sitcom. Val did her best to control her reality, but of course it didn't go very well. The show was canceled after its first season, but returned to life nearly 10 years later with a second season following Val as she tried to reignite her career with another reality show pitch. However, she quickly changed course and got a gig on a dark comedy about the sitcom she made in 2005 and the cameras followed her for behind-the-scenes featurettes and eventually a documentary. Along with Kudrow, season two featured Malin Akerman, Seth Rogen, Laura Silverman, Damian Young, Robert Michael Morris and Kellan Lutz.

After the emotional season 2 finale—seriously, watch it with tissues if you haven't seen it yet—Kudrow told us she wants more.

"I would love to do more. In 2005, that was an ending, that was definitely an ending because I guess now we see that those episodes were a piece and these episodes where a piece and then if we do more then we will be doing that piece," she said.

Do you want another season of The Comeback? What we're asking here is: Are you human?

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