Modern Family, Sofia Vergara


It's going to happen one day—ABC will announce that Modern Family is ending.

Sofía Vergara admits she thinks about that inevitable news.

"I do," she says. "I get very sad because it's my favorite thing to do of work. It's so easy.

"We know the set. I know the character so well. Ed O'Neill is amazing. I'm going to be very sad."

And so are we.

"There will always be repeats," Vergara said while promoting her new comedy Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon.

Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan told Deadline last month that they don't have concrete plans on how to end the series.

Modern Family Cast

Bob D'Amico/ABC

"[W]e will keep going, but if we have the gut feeling that it's time to stop, we will shut it down," he said, predicting that could come at about "3-4 years from now."

Modern Family debuted almost six years ago. Since then it has won five straight Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series. Vergara has been nominated several times, but the award usually went to her co-star Julie Bowen.

In Hot Pursuit, Vergara plays a drug dealer's widow who is being protected by a bungling police officer played by Witherspoon.

No surprise, there was a lot of unplanned laughter during filming.

"I have to stare in the distance and pretend I can't hear her in order to just get through the scenes," Witherspoon said. "The first people laughing were the cameramen. There was a scene where she had to call me Sherlock Holmes and every time she called me Sherlock Holmes…the camera would shake [because] he was laughing so hard…'She didn't say Sherlock, she said Chur-lock!'"

Hot Pursuit hits theaters on May 8.

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