It's no secret that The View's hosts are known for their candid, forthright ways with infotainment. Luckily for us, the outspoken women certainly didn't hold back during their latest chat about bras.

The daytime talk show roundtable was in consensus on this topic: Bras are an annoyance. And one of the hosts gave them up long ago.

"I haven't worn a bra in 40 years," Whoopi Goldberg revealed. "I've always been uncomfortable in them. I could never find one that sat comfortably and it always killed me in the back. So I just stopped wearing them."

Rosie Perez

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

But she's not the only one who feels this type away about the tricky undergarment.

"I let it all hang out, yes honey!" Rosie Perez exclaimed about the glorious, freeing time when she strips off her bra upon her arrival home. "I take off everything—commando. Yes, EVERYTHING!"

As if things weren't already interesting enough, Nicolle Wallace chimed in with her opinion on the matter.

"I'm in and out to walk the dog too much to really let it go too much," the 43-year-old bestselling author dished. "You know, like I would have to subject the doorman, my neighbor..."

The co-host couldn't get out another word edgewise before her counterparts playfully sang Elsa's "Let it Go" from the billion-dollar grossing film Frozen.

Get on with your shameless, braless selves ladies!

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