Jimmy Fallon isn't the only one with some impressive impersonation skills...

Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins does a mean Shaggy! Higgins sounds so much like the Jamaican-born musician, in fact, that Mr. Boombastic himself challenged him to a "Shaggy Off."

Yep, you read that right... So on Wednesday's Tonight Show, the Roots provided the beat for what Fallon described as "a rap battle to decide who's the better Shaggy: Higgins or Shaggy, the rapper?"

Fallon explained to Shaggy (the real Shaggy) and Higgins that they would "each take turns spitting on the mic."

"That means spraying some verbal graffiti," clarified the Tonight Show host. "Now, I want a good, clean Shaggy Off..."

Fallon allowed Shaggy to go first, "since you are Shaggy," and he readily took the mic.

But when Higgins had the opportunity, he, too, brought some impressive Shaggy to the "Shaggy Off."

For the next round, though, the real Shaggy stepped up his Boombasticness. Higgins was rightfully impressed. But then Shaggy (the real Shaggy) then brought his A-game. and Higgins tried hard to keep up! The reggae artist was blown away by his impersonator.

So who ultimately won the "Shaggy Off"? Did Higgins out-shaggy himself, or is Mr. Boombastic just Shaggier than a Tonight Show announcer could ever hope to be....?  Watch the clip above to see for yourself!"

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