Robert Downey Jr., Diane Sawyer


Robert Downey Jr. seemingly hasn't gotten over that interview he stormed out of earlier this week, as he just threw some serious shade at the journalist who interviewed him.

The actor posted a picture of himself hugging famed journalist Diane Sawyer. How is that throwing shade, you might ask? Well, here's the backstory:

Channel 4 News' Krishnan Guru-Murthy was interviewing the actor-turned-superhero about the upcoming movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, but he tried to take his interview with the star in a different direction. He began to ask about Downey's past struggles with addiction, but RDJ decided he wanted no part of it.

"I just wondered whether you're free of all that," the British interviewer asked, referring to his former drug troubles. "...or whether's you think that's still — " 

But when the Iron Man star caught on, he quickly interrupted Guru-Murthy to take over the interview. "I'm sorry," the actor interjected. "I really don't—what are we doing?" 

"Well, I'm just asking questions. That's all," stammered Guru-Murthy.

Off-camera, a female voice (presumably a publicist) can be heard saying a curt, "OK." At this point, Downey promptly said "bye," waved, and stood up to walk away from the interview. "I'm sorry," said Guru-Muthy, holding up his hands.

"It's OK," answered Downey, removing his mic. "It's just getting a bit Diane Sawyer..."

So on Friday while appearing on Live! With Kelly and MichaelThe Judge actor took to Instagram to post a picture with Sawyer, who is known for her probing interviews. "A corrective experience with legitimate journalism @kellyandmichael #dianesawyer #kellyandmichael #avengers #ageofultron #presstour #marvel #earlybirds," he captioned the pic.

Shade thrown! Mic drop.

Unfortunately for the British journalist, RDJ isn't the only big name to shut him down. Quentin Tarantino flipped out at him when he was asked "why he's so sure there is no link between enjoying movie violence and enjoying real violence." But the Django Unchained director didn't just walk out on the interview. Instead, he went on a lengthy tirade before calling it quits. 

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