Salma Hayek, Stumble

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It's easy to get tripped up every now and then—even when you're Salma Hayek.

The 48-year-old actress fell head over heels making her way out of a London boutique Wednesday. As you can see, this was no elegant Helen Mirren tumble—this was a bona fide pratfall!

This isn't the first time one of Salma's slips has been captured by the paparazzi, either. Back in 2011, she lost her footing in France while making her way out of Parisian hotel.

Of course, everybody wipes out at some point, but the fact that Salma embraces those less-than-elegant experiences we all have is what makes her so endearing.

"I'm quite short. I have an overly... wavy body," she told Net-A-Porter. "I'm not like the girl next door who is easy to cast. I don't fit into any of the stereotypes of a woman that should continue to work."

But she does continue to work! "I don't know what it is, but I don't think it has anything to do with planning," she admitted. "It has something to do with karma, maybe. I believe in karma."

Just being a woman, though, comes with a lot of pressure. "We're constantly scrutinized, so we learn to be hard on ourselves because everybody is hard on us," she told Net-A-Porter. "In the workplace, men get better paid. They are more easily promoted than [women]. In order to be considered a good wife or mother, and in the workplace, the expectations are so high. We have to be more demanding in the workplace. We need to be more assertive in that department, and stand our ground in our own homes, and teach our children to give us a break and be more appreciative."

Amen, lady! Salma's setting quite an example for her 8-year-old daughter Valentina and all women—when you fall, pick yourself back up again! And don't let anybody knock you off your stride.

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