Jimmy Fallon, Blake Lively


OK, either Blake Lively has played this game before, or Jimmy Fallon is just really bad (we're thinking the latter).

During her appearance on The Tonight Show Tuesday, the Age of Adaline star and the late-night talk show host went head-to-head on a new game called "Say Anything."

Basically, you alternate turns saying absolutely any word that comes to mind—doesn't matter what—but you can't repeat a word, stumble or go blank, otherwise, you get scotch tape on your face. The first person who ends up with three pieces of scotch tape on their face, loses.

And let's put it this way...it was a pretty quick game.

Being that she was the guest of honor, Blake went first and said, "stingy." Right away, Fallon was thrown for a loop, and he lost round one.

He tried to cheat his way out of it by asking to start again, but Lively wasn't having it ('atta girl!). So she grabbed a nice, long piece of clear tape and put it on Fallon's face.

Through the snorts and laughs, the pair began round two. Fallon says, "boat," Blake comes back with, "squash," and he just couldn't do it. Another long piece of tape around his head.

OK, it's the final round. Blake and Jimmy end up having a pretty solid back-and-forth, and even though the actress slightly stumbles on her word, she still beat Jimmy, who just couldn't come up with a comeback.

It's all right, Jimmy. It couldn't have been easy to concentrate with such a pretty face competing against you.

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