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Yep, we've reached the point of our existence on this planet for someone to publish an emoji study. We're sure plenty of you are shaking your heads and gripping about how in your day, we didn't need a dancing girl icon to talk to our friends.

Welcome to 2015! It kind of sucks, but Paul Rudd is an action star now so there's that.

We would mock this kind of thing if we weren't totally fascinated by the findings. SwiftKey pulled more than one billion pieces of data from iPhone and Android users in 16 different languages between October 2014 and January 2015. They published an 18-page report, and one interesting detail they revealed was the top 15 emojis that Americans use more than any other country. 

None of them are actually that surprising, but it's nice to know that we aren't the only ones really overusing that eggplant emoji here in the States.

Emoji Study


Americans use these emojis the most:

•Chicken drumstick
•Money bag
•Pink bow
•City skyline at night 

So basically America = food, money and sports. Plus we're probably threatening our friends with fire and the skull icon. Yep, sounds about right.

Elsewhere in the study, it was discovered that Americans use emojis categorized as LGBT-friendly more than any other country, with Canada at a close second. And speaking of our neighbors to the north…

Emoji Study


Nobody loves that poop emoji more than those Canadians, eh? This graph shows that Canadians used emojis categorized as "American" (money, raunchy, violent, sports) the most, even more than U.S. texters.  Although, it could be because they are mocking us over text for our obsessions with money, raunchy stuff, violence and sports.

Canadians are also twice as likely to use emojis categorized as "raunchy," so like the eggplant, the fist (gross), the peach and the Cancer 69 symbol. You naughty, naughty canucks.

Emoji Study


Finally, when ranking the emoji categories from most used to least used, "happy faces," "sad faces," "hearts," "hand gestures," and "romantic" came out on top, while "meat," "tools," "travel," "film," "and "reading materials" brought up the rear.

So, we're a happy planet overall, but we probably need to read more.

You can check out more of the results by reading SwiftKey's full report.

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