Throwback Thursday has come one day early this week!

Ben Affleck is making headlines today for a vintage 1989 Burger King commercial he starred in that's started making its way around the Internet. The flashback clip features a very young Affleck (and his poufy hairdo) driving in his car as his car phone rings (remember car phones?).

"Hi, is this Burger King?" a seductive female voice says from the other end of the call.

Affleck spots a nearby Burger King and answers, "Yeah, this is Burger King."

Ben Affleck


"Would you deliver a chef's salad?" the girl asks. "For you, absolutely," the now 42-year-old Oscar winner smiles.

After picking up the fast food snack for his lady suitor, Affleck drops the meal off at her house before getting a call from his dad ordering him to get his butt home for curfew.

"When hunger calls, there's only one way to have it your way, because at Burger King, when you want to give people what they want, sometimes you gotta break the rules," a voiceover says.

Too funny.

Watch the flashback ad for yourself!

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