Tom Cruise, Mission: Impossible


Tom Cruise is stealing the show in every way.

Not only did the Mission: Impossible star surprise attendees at CinemaCon Tuesday, he also revealed that he actually did hang off of a plane for a scene in the upcoming Rogue Nation installment. Even more shocking, perhaps, is that Cruise had to hang off of that plane eight times.

"I was actually scared s--tless," Cruise told the crowd at Caesar's Palace.

Cruise joined co-stars Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg onstage, where they showed two clips and a montage from the film. The presentation also included a behind-the-scenes look at the jaw-dropping plane scene, which showed just how the cast and crew completed the scary stunt. "I was in a harness, on my side, that was kind of loose so you can see the vibration of my body against the plane," Cruise said.

Tom Cruise

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for CinemaCon

Even though the Top Gun star has a well-known passion for flying planes, riding motorcycles and just being an all-around adrenaline junkie in general, it doesn't make this death-defying trick any more plausible! He also dished that he had to swear special lenses in his eyes to protect them from the wind.

Although he walked away from filming the scene relatively unscathed, Cruise did tell the crowd that he got hit by a small piece of debris despite efforts to clear the runway and area of birds and other objects that could prove harmful.

"I got hit by just a little particle," he said. "I literally thought it broke my ribs."

The cast also showed a clip of Cruise and Pegg driving through Morocco and dished that the Edge of Tomorrow action star really was behind the wheel of the BMW during the "twisty turny" car chase. Apparently when it's your life on the line, it's not hard to be afraid! Pegg confessed that he "didn't have to act" to look scared during the scene LOL.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation sees Cruise reprising his role as super spy Ethan Hunt and also features returning star Jeremy Renner. The movie also stars Alec Baldwin, who appears to play a high-ranking security official.

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—Additional reporting by Athenia Veliz-Dunn

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