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Mother-in-laws can be your best friend one minute and your enemy the next.

But when it comes to Kelly Clarkson's relationship with Reba McEntire, the amount of love and respect between the two cannot be broken.

"Kelly and I have known each other since 2002 when she won the very first American Idol," McEntire revealed to reporters at the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards. "We became fast buddies and then her and Brandon met and fell in love and got married. Now she's my daughter-in-law."

She added, "It's really fun to hang out together."

One example was Sunday night when Clarkson was given the opportunity to introduce her family member to the stage. "I would become friends with this legendary woman, but in the most crazy twist of fate, she would become my family," she shared. "So basically, what I'm saying here is I have the coolest mother-in-law and y'all can suck it."

When not sharing hilarious moments in front of millions of people, you can likely find the pair gushing over River Rose Blackstock. While Clarkson's first child may be a cutie, she wasn't always excited to see her grandma.

"Every time I would look at River, she would start crying," McEntire admitted. "I would get Seth, her older brother, to calm her down. She'd get to laughing again. They thought it was funny but I thought it was serious. We've got a problem here."

With a little food and bottle of milk, the pair eventually developed unconditional love for each other that continues this very day.

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Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson

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After a reporter asked McEntire if she would care if her grandkids turned out to be gay, she immediately agreed with her daughter-in-law that sexual orientation is nothing to be concerned about.

"What a child needs when they're growing up is support and love, mainly love. Love can go a long, long ways whether they're gay or not," she explained to Pridesource. "All the troubles and the problems and the obstacles that they are going to face in their lives are going to be astronomical, especially in their very young, inexperienced minds. And if they do happen to be gay, that's going to be a harder hurdle to get over."

She continued, "What a parent needs to do more than anything is jump in there with love and support. You made 'em. They're a gift from God. Love 'em as they are." 

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