Some of our most troublesome moments as children took place when one of our favorite characters died in Disney movies. Mufasa slipping to his untimely death? Tragic.

But did you ever notice that Disney employs the "falling method" in more than one movie. No? Well, now you can't unsee how many times characters fall to their demises in these classic films. Typically, however, it's just the villains, which no one minds!

The mashup created by Frank Ireland super-cuts all of the ways Disney managed to kill a villain without showing the gory aftermath or even the hero doling out the final blow. Films included are Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, The Fox and the Hound, Beauty and the Beast and many, many others.

Take note, future Disney characters. If you're even somewhat mean to any of your "co-stars," you're doomed fall into oblivion with the rest of these evildoers! This is the home of Mickey Mouse, after all. We're all looking for our happy endings, so if falling from a cliff or slipping on a log is the way to get rid of you, so be it.

Disney Villains Falling


According to the video's description, Ireland used only original Disney movies and none of its other companies such as Pixar. He also followed very specific criteria.

To be included, the clip must show the act of falling, the character has to land the fall (not be caught or saved), the falls must take place at the point of the movie where the villain is "defeated" or loses and it must point out on how most Disney villains fall when they are "defeated."

Watch the video above to see just how many villains lose their lives in this tragic way.

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