The Flash


We love The Flash's awesome father figure extraordinaire Joe (Jesse L. Martin). We love Arrow's tough-love father Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne). Put those two together in a scene? That's what we like to call perfection.

Especially when they end up talking about their issues with their daughters!

We've got an exclusive first look clip at tonight's episode of The Flash, "Who Is Harrison Wells?," which features yet another sure-to-be epic Arrow crossover when Joe and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) take a trip to Starling City to continue their investigation into Harrison Wells' (Tom Cavanagh) past...and they get help from none other than Captain Lance!

When the trio start to search the area in which Wells had his fateful car crash 15 years ago, aka the night his wife died and Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) secretly took over his life, they find something...curious.

But before Cisco makes his big discovery, the two dads take some time to bond over their shared experiences and give each other advice when it comes to lying and their daughters and protecting them from the dark, scary world they both know is out there.

What's interesting is how Joe and Lance are on opposite sides of the same dilemma. Joe is currently lying to his daughter Iris (Candice Patton) about The Flash's identity and all the metahumans terrorizing their city, while Lance is still reeling from Laurel's (Katie Cassidy) lies to him about Sara's (Caity Lotz) murder and becoming the Black Canary. Can they help each other see the other side of their issues?

Or are these two dads doomed to make the same mistakes in the future?

Press play on the video above to watch our exclusive first look clip now, and be prepared to swoon!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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