During a recent trip to Miami, singer Michael Bublé and his wife did what most couples do on vacation. They went to the beach, did some shopping, and of course snapped a covert photo of a woman they saw because something about her butt intrigued them.

Michael Buble, Instagram


After posing for the picture Michael took the next logical step; He posted that pic to Instagram for all the world to see complete with hashtags highlighting how bootyful he and his lady thought the random woman's posterior was. This was the exact right thing to do if your thing is not thinking before you do stuff.

As you might guess, the internet decided that Michael's "tribute" was a bad idea and, because it's their job now, tisk-tisked him for body shaming the unassuming owner of the butt in question. The thing is, if they thought the booty-rich hashtags Michael posted along with that picture were salacious, they should have seen the first version he posted. Luckily we here at The Soup have EXCLUSIVE access to it because that's how things are for us.

We're in the s**t, people. Deep in.


PS - We have #Cheeks4Weeks as well.


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