The Hateful Eight


Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight lives!

Those of of us who didn't seek out a leaked copy or have the cash to watch a live all-star reading of Tarantino's screenplay were psyched when the Oscar winner decided to go ahead and make the movie anyway, despite his ire when the script showed up online.

Ultimately, instead of punishing his fans by not going forward with his planned follow-up to Django Unchained, Tarantino went and gathered the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Channing Tatum (alas, in a small role, so not one of the Eight), Bruce Dern, Walter Goggins, Demian Bechir, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth to see his vision through.

Just as Django was a vaguely antebellum tale, this takes place "sometime after the Civil War, and also like its predecessor, this one features a "Bounty Hunter," a "Prisoner," a "Confederate," a "Sheriff" and more unsavory-yet-entertaining characters.

Another similarity?

The 1-minute, 47-second teaser trailer released just today is awash in bright red, signifying that we're about to be privy to another one of Tarantino's blood-drenched fantasias.

The Hateful Eight, presumably featuring at least seven gruesome, intricately choreographed deaths, is expected in theaters later this year in "glorious 70 mm Super Cinemascope."

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