Pat Roberts

Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images


U.S. senator and doting grandfather Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) was in a Disney mood on Thursday, apparently. His cell phone rang loudly during a Senate Finance Committee meeting, interrupting speaker Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. His ringtone? Frozen's "Let it Go."

The blaring vocals by Idina Menzel were picked up by his table microphone, spurring scores of attendees to chuckle and Vilsack to crack a smile, as seen in videos posted by CNBC a NBC News' House of Representatives producer.

"Ah, come on," a visibly embarrassed Roberts said.

"Just let it go, mister," the 78-year-old added as he silenced his phone. "Sorry about that."

Roberts' communications director Sarah Little told MSNBC that his grandkids inspired the ringtone choice, saying, "He balances it with Johnny Cash's 'I Walk the Line.' He changes depending on the day."

He also showcased his sense of humor in a response tweet.

And don't worry, sir. We'll all forget this pretty soon—at least by the time another senator's cell phone goes off in the middle of a hearing and blares a Disney song.

And next time, may wanna set the phone to silent.

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