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Chrissy Teigen's morning got off to an offensive start.

The outspoken model took to Twitter to vent about her run-in with a man while running errands earlier today.

"I dropped by sunglasses this AM on Santa Monica blvd and this seemingly normal looking dude screaming 'f--king chinks always dropping s--t'…like that's not even a stereotype. Get your s--t together. What a bad racist."

After Twitter fans and foes pressed her for more details about the incident, she continued, "We were the only ones on the block and he screamed it from the 5 feet away. Then when I acknowledged it he said 'oh now the oriental can hear.'"

Chrissy Teigen


Despite the shocking scuffle, Teigen did her best to put a humorous spin on things by adding, "Anyhoo, that was my morning! If you see a guy in weho wearing a brown suit jacket and jeans, probably avoid eye contact."

Just moments after her Twitter spree, pal Mindy Kaling expressed her shock over the whole ordeal, writing, "WHAT?! That's an insanely hilarious new racism I've never heard of before. Congrats, sociologically."

Teigen didn't respond to the TV star's tweet but she did manage to post an Instagram shot about, what else, her latest recipe.

"Your morning pork chop video! Used crushed up chicken stove top for the breading. Chicken fried pork!! It's. Delicious," she gushed.

Looks like her horrible morning quickly turned around, thankfully!

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