Jessica Kane


Plus-size blogger Jessica Kane has a message for you, and it's one worth reading.

The self-described "30-something plus fashion pioneer," who runs the style blog Life and Style of Jessica Kane, took to social media on April 14 with a message for both her Instagram and Facebook followers, which she posted alongside a snap of herself wearing a black one-piece with hot pink piping.

"THIS WAS NOT BRAVE. I've been told how brave I am for not having a coverup, but going with out a wrap would only take bravery if I cared what others thought of me, but I don't. I spend my time worrying about things I CAN control and this day, I was only thinking about how fab I felt and how much sun I was catching," she wrote, adding, "Things that DO take bravery? A family battling tragic illness, a mother trying to beat addiction, a person trying to break free of domestic violence, reaching out for help when you have already planned your suicide and feel like you can't breath one more day. THAT is brave. Not wearing a swimsuit at the beach. LIVE life and only worry about what really matters."

Whoa (and well said). The blogger, who was just named creative director for the brand Cool Gal Blue, wasn't making a statement: She's just living her life, and getting some sun while she's at it. Kane's point is an important one—spending a day at the beach (which, you know, sort of inherently involves wearing a swimsuit) doesn't warrant a stamp of bravery (and it nearly goes without saying that it shouldn't warrant derision or body-shaming, either). Kane's listed scenarios that she believes do deserve the "brave" label are meaningful—real problems that people face every day.

Her post quickly went viral after being shared on several media outlets, which prompted Kane to also create a new hashtag movement, #thisisntbrave. That's a wagon we can definitely hop on.

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