Any chance we can borrow Ray's Atom suit to protect our feelings tonight?

Gearing up for its season three finale, Arrow isn't pulling any punches and it's looking like tonight's episode of the hit CW drama, ominously titled "Broken Arrow," will kick off what could be its most emotional stretch of episodes to-date.

In our exclusive sneak peek above, Oliver (Stephen Amell) visits his Roy (Colton Haynes) in jail after he just turned himself in to the police as the Arrow to protect his mentor. Warning: Bromantic feelings may occur after pressing play, especially after you hear Roy explain why he decided to take the fall for Oliver. Anyone else getting a little misty-eyed over how far Roy has come since is days as a little hoodlum in the Glades?!

Brandon Routh, Doug Jones

The CW

But Roy's noble sacrifice isn't the only major drama Oliver will be dealing with as he'll have to team up with Ray (Brandon Routh) aka the Atom aka his love Felicity's (Emily Bett Rickards) boyfriend in tonight's episode to take on Jake Simmons (Doug Jones), a meta human from Starling City, who also goes by the name Deathbolt. 

Routh, however, previews that their unlikely team-up goes "much better" than the last time the two heroes came face-to-face in their suits.

"It's cool. It's a unique way of us having to take on this villain together, as Ray is learning to become a hero, it's more than just a cool, fancy, supersuit," he says. "It takes brains and knowledge and strategy and hand-to-hand combat possibly as well, so Oliver is able to help him fill in the gaps."



But will the Felicity of it all (and a certain steamy moment fans are freaking out over from a recently released trailer) get in the way of their partnership? 

"I think as Ray becomes more part of Team Arrow, he is able to see Felicity and Oliver interact and that can be painful, but at the same time enlightening about the true nature of their relationship," he explains. "As hurt he may have been that she did not tell him about the relationship, he's not one to hold a grudge and he's a big enough boy to let go of that and just see that they have this real relationship or friendship now or whatever it is. How true her feelings really are in this moment have yet to be seen, but I think it allows him to understand and process all this new information in a more mature way as they proceed. He can put that aside basically as they are saving the city." 

With the potential for heartbreak via Olicity moments put aside, Routh is "having a lot of fun" finally seeing Ray join Team Arrow.  "I love working with Emily, she's fantastic and we have so much fun with our scenes together," he says, "but it is certainly nice to work with other people and have other interactions and see how Ray works in that team dynamic." 

Arrow airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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