Robin Williams, Jamie Costa

Getty Images/YouTube

In case you've been meaning to watch Robin Williams' 20 most iconic films but haven't found the time...

Jamie Costa has provided a touching placeholder until you have the chance to catch up with the real McCoy.

The actor-filmmaker, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Williams and is perhaps best known for making viral Vine videos, has put together a mashup of himself doing 20 Williams impressions in just over two minutes. He called the video "Never Had a Friend Like Him" and described it as "my tribute to the man whose spark ignited my passion."

Whether or not you see the resemblance, close your eyes and you might just think that you're hearing the late star, who died last August.

From Mork to Mrs. Doubtfire to Genie, Costa covers a lot of bases—and, yes, his efforts went viral.

The South Carolina-born social media standout doesn't just do Williams impressions, either—also recently he posted an LOL-worthy clip of "Owen Wilson" not wanting to go to the gym, Michael Caine DDS, Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate and more.

But now Jamie Costa is easily best known for this.

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