In the spirit of raising awareness for families in need, Gwyneth bravely set out to take Mario Batalis "Food Bank Challenge," in which she had to limit her family's weekly food budget to thirty-one dollars. Not only did this give Gwyneth a chance to show families who use food stamps how very very wrong they're doing it (she only used $29. Ha! In your hungry faces), it also gave her a chance to step foot in grocery store that isn't the priavte one she maintains on her property.

You might look inside Gwyneth's grocery bag and think she didn't make great use of her money. But that just isn't the case. Once you see the amazing ways in which she actually used these incredients, you'll definitely change your mind. 


1. According to Gwyneth, a bowl of eggs look stunning set out in a simple silver bowl. Every morning, you can pull them out of the refrigerator, and immediately have a stunning a conversation starter for when you entertain friends!

2. When performing an oil treatment on your hair, wrapping it in freshly washed lettuce helps to seal in the moisture. First, slather wet hair with jojoba, peppermint, and coconut oil. Then lightly steam the lettuce (Gwyneth likes the Viante CUC-30ST), wrap it around your head, and sit for 20 minutes. This head of lettuce should last for approximately three treatments. You'll notice the difference right away. PS - Buy the ingredients for the hair treatment BEFORE you do the Food Bank Challenge because there's no way you can do it for less than $31.

3. The avocado was an undeniable essential, as Gwyneth used it as an ingredient in her signature facial mask. Did you know that avocados contain the good kind of fat, which can help restore and plump the skin? Right there, she just saved those in need about six hundred dollars on Botox. 

4. Gwyneth insisted on a fresh batch of scallions, simply for the reason that it can give off a similar look to that of bamboo when planted in a garden nursery.

5. Not many people know this, but an ear of corn can be used as a mini-foam roller. Gwyneth had that realization right inside the grocery store!

6. Gwyneth says she can't even count how many times her housekeepers have run low on dusters. Her solution? Handing them a fresh bunch of kale. Her staff has confirmed that it does indeed work on the baseboards.

7. A single tomato might not seem like it can go a long way, but it's a great snack to have around for celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson! Or whoever happens to be teaching you Capoeria at the time. 

8. Gwyneth went into this knowing she had the perfect use for garlic and this one's for the kids. Peel the garlic, and use the skin to make tiny little lampshades as accessories for their dollhouse. Then throw the actual garlic away. After that head to an infrared sauna.

9. Like most people, Gwyneth needed all six limes to clean some stubborn stains from her wood-burning oven.  The many fragrant platters of Beef Bulgogo KyeRito were well worth it, but one of them left an unsightly spatter of gochujan sauce. Time for spring cleaning!

10. Gwyneth knows there's nothing like fresh cilantro to keep your drawers smelling nice. You can easily fasten a breathable satchel of cilantro with a tiny lavender bow. No matter what your financial standing, she insists that no one should open their sock drawer without being greeted by memories of a beach house on the Mediterranean Sea.  

11. This is for eating.

12. Black beans are rich in both fiber and protein. But if you put them in a bowl and rake your fingers lightly through them, you can reach a state of completely clear other-consciousness. And from there you can decide if you truly feel like attending as event such as the Met Gala.

13. Frozen Peas work wonders for your eyes. Gwyneth admits she's never been to a job interview, but she assumes that if you have one, you're going want to look rested.

14 The jalapeno works great as a substitute for a healing crystal. Did you know green is the color of the heart chakra? Gwyneth advises hanging the jalapeno in the north corner of your garden, under your favorite comfy chair, and gazing up at it as you wait for your daily shipment of simple silk drape tops.

15. Gwyneth was pretty vague about the sweet potato but did mumble something about her divorce.

16. An onion is the subject to use when beginning the practice of still-life drawing. According to Gwyneth, it's the perfect way to pass the time before your seven o'clock reservation at your favorite new restaurant. She highly recommends The Hearts Of Palm Laboratory, which uses only the freshest seasonal ingredients. She also recommends The Saint Regis Punta Mita, and gold.

17. The tortillas were used as neutral accessories to complement her equestrian-inspired look. And once you're done? It's a perfect snack for the horses!

There you have it. Make sure to check out her web site where she tells the tale of how she also managed to attend every single dinner date she had that week.


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