For the purpose of this tale, we're going to call the girl in this video "Becky" because we don't know her name and she just looks like a Becky to us. We're also going to use the word "allegedly" a lot. Count along if you want to make a game out of it!

So here is the story about this Vine: Allegedly, this girl was stopped by cops for underage drinking at a charity/music festival in College Station, Texas called Chilifest. And allegedly the cops challenged her to a game of wits, fortitude and stamina. Her prize should she find herself victorious? FREEDOM! (Allegedly!)

Translation: Becky played rock-paper-scissors in order to get out of a ticket. Allegedly.

What happened in the Vine was pretty amazing, but Becky's facial expressions are truly award-winning. She goes from looking emotionally overwrought to sheer panic to determination to utter, crap-her-pants relief all in a matter of five seconds. And her dude-bros and girls celebrated her triumph as if she had just taken down a pack of ninjas single-handedly to defend her family's honor.

When in reality she just made a hand gesture that was the exact opposite of the cop's hand gesture. Allegedly.

After Becky's victory, the cops walked away and left the youths to their shenanigans. Here is a GIF from a different angle, courtesy of reddit user intfooStringbar:

Rock, Paper, Scissors with Cop GIF

Youths, underage drinking is not a smart choice, especially in public and especially in front of law enforcement. You know that? We'll let Michael Scott lecture the rest of you kids on drinking before you are legally allowed to partake:

Michael Scott drinking GIF


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