Your two favorite doctors are back!

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif gave us an exclusive look at the new season of Botched and behind-the-scenes scoop on their friendship, difficult patients and scary procedures.

What can you tell us about season two of Botched?

Nassif: This is season one on absolute steroids because we've taken it to the next level. We stretched ourselves out to the limit of doing procedures that we've never seen before in our career. We went from 500 people in the casting pool to over 6,000 applicants 

Dubrow: This season is riskier, crazier, more extreme, more difficult, more sleepless nights for us as doctors.

Botched Recap, EP 104

How do you deal with the stress of taking on patients that no one else will?

Nassif: I actually say a prayer before the procedure.

Dubrow: What I did was, I took their pictures and put them on my cell phone and I didn't operate on them right away. I woke up every morning and looked at their photos, before I went to sleep every night I looked at their photos, and I tried to figure out a novel way, of making it work. It's been seven months literally of sleepless nights and I give the patients my cell phone number and I have them text me if anything changes. We meditate and we do these long operations and we just make it work. 

Botched Reunion, Part 1

Did anyone give Dr. Dubrow a run for his money like Janice Dickinson did last season?

Nassif: One patient probably mentally gave Terry a run for his money.

Dubrow: I had my season two Janice Dickinson with an incredibly difficult patient who much like Janice was difficult as a personality but she was extremely difficult anatomically. So it was like, Janice squared in a way. She was kind of kooky. This was the biggest test of our careers, season two of Botched no question.

Do people understand that your feud is a joke? What's the reaction from fans?

Nassif: Before we did Botched, after I was off Housewives, Terry out of the blue, would just send me some cockamamie texts making fun of me. I haven't heard from him in say a month and half, and then I get a text. But, very funny I got to tell you. Basically Terry is my court jester, he entertains me.

Dubrow: What I find interesting is that half the people understand we're best buddies and we have a real bromance and we're just kidding with each other and giving each other a hard time, and the other half things we're being mean to each other and the ones who follow me but don't follow him, think I'm just being incredibly cruel. Let's face it, at the end of the day, there's just so much there to go after. If I'm not going to do it then who is? If someone's not going to make fun of Paul Nassif, I've got to do it. 

Botched Recap, EP 107

Are you teaming up together more this season by tackling the same patients?

Dubrow: These problems were so difficult that we operated a lot together this season. This really required both our education and training experiences to make these cases work. You'll see us operating together more often than not and using everything we have to try to make it happen.

Do you keep in touch with your patients from season one?

Nassif: For noses and stuff, I have to see them all the time. So my patients from last season all come in for their post-op checks. I see them annually. I would say one thing though I've never seen any other doctor do what Terry does and God bless him for doing this…

Dubrow: Well I give all my patients from Botched my cell phone number. Season one was so successful that none of them had any problems; they're all doing very well. But they do text me intermediately continuing to thank me and how we saved their lives, so yes I keep in touch with all of them. 

Botched Recap, EP 107

Both of these talented doctors also have skin care lines coming out this week! Make sure to check out Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow's upcoming products.

For more plastic surgery craziness, watch the season two premiere of Botched tonight starting at 9/8c only on E!

Tune in to the season two premiere of Botched tonight at 9/8c on E!

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