Johnny Nunez

Could there be another development in the Drake-Madonna drama? Probably not, but we're going to explore that possibility for a moment anyway.

First, Drizzy himself decided to set the record straight about his reaction to the shocking Coachella makeout session, posting on Instagram, "Don't misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel [100] about that forever. Thank you @madonna."

Then this morning, the rapper released a bonus track to accompany next week's collector's edition of If You're Reading This Its Too Late, called "My Side." Hmmm.

While we would love if Drake had put together a last-minute song as a response to KissGate 2015 (or, as it's otherwise known, DementorGate 2015), it seems this might just be coincidental timing. Any by coincidental, we mean that Drake probably wanted to capitalize on all this hype and decided to drop the track to cash in.

And just how do we know that there's no way the song is about Madonna? Well, for starters, the song is more of a lovesick plea than an attempt to explain himself. We don't really think he's so into Madge as to rap "Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship?/ Why are we rushing and forcing it if it isn't making sense?"

Sure, the song also uses the line "Why you never come to where I'm staying?/ Always hiding out in your New York condo," but plenty of ladies that Drake's been linked to could be New Yorkers. Plus, it's safe to say that Madonna is never one to "hide out." So we're (sadly) going to have to file this song away as a mystery—for now.

But there is good news for the Drake fans out there who got a huge kick out of the Coachella Kiss: The rapper also announced that he'll be embarking on a five-city mini tour at the end of May. Here's hoping we'll be treated to even more onstage shocks to muse over.

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