ESC, Barrettes

A perennial style staple of little girls, barrettes have largely been left out of the picture when it comes to styling chic, grown-up hair.

The last time these accoutrements ruled among the tall-enough-to-ride-Space-Mountain set, was in the ‘90s (and in far-from-sophisticated context), as Riot Grrrls and rockers like Courtney Love championed the kinderwhore look while wearing pint-sized plastic barrettes right above the ears.

But a burgeoning comeback is taking place on the hair clip front, and this time, the look is polished and decidedly un-costume-y, as Hailey Baldwin recently showed while on the streets of New York.

One of the strongest cases for the hair accessory's return was made by Emma Stone, who wore an elongated metal strip clipped above the nape of her neck when attending the Golden Globe Awards this year.

Clean and modern, the architectural accent stood out against more bling-y barrettes that made use of gemstones and felt more bridal than fresh.

ESC, Barrettes

During fashion month, minimalist shine was also shown by effortlessly-cool fashion house, Céline, as models wore a singular brass ring affixed to long, straight hair. Meanwhile, Valentino showed the trend in its trademark romantic style by tucking delicate metal pins adorned with sea shells into twists of hair.

Suddenly, we're craving this disciplined form of bling.

Absent of glittering jewels and playground plastics, the newest clips are luxe in nature (made of brass, copper, silver and gold), and simple in styling (with the best designs relying on sharp and stark shapes alone). They echo the delicate jewelry trend that's dominating Hollywood while providing a refined way to keep hair out of your face.

ESC, Barrettes

Though these futurist barrettes look expensive, the smart, pulled-together vibe they provide can be replicated on any budget. Those not wishing to invest in a dedicated hair piece can triangulate silver, gold or white bobby pins to get the look. Designs can also be had for as little as $12 or as much as few hundred (if going for the Céline rendition).

Whether going with a plain metallic strip, like Emma Stone, or a triangular or circular design, keep the concept modern and clean by sticking to just one adornment and wearing it on clean, simply-styled hair.

The effect will not only feel lightning years away from the cutesy clips you wore as a kid, but will appear both expensive and effortless—which is everything we want in luxurious, modern style.

Rosantica Profondo Gold-Tone Pearl Hair Slides, $70; Urban Outfitters Brilliant Bobbie Triangle Barrette, $12; Mrs President & Co 'The X' Barrette, $56.00

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