"What's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!"

We all know Joey loved the dessert Rachel made for Thanksgiving in Friends season six, but he's a walking, talking vacuum. So how would a regular human react to the "traditional" English trifle? Twitter user Neil Killham made it his mission to find out.

According to his bio, Neil is a "sassy chef," so we assume he's pretty adept in the culinary arts. He bravely wanted to take on Rachel's attempt to make a perfect ending to Monica's Thanksgiving meal, which as you may remember was actually half a English trifle and half a shepherd's Pie.

In case you forgot, here is how Rachel put together her dessert:

• A layer of ladyfingers
• A layer of jam
• Custard (made from scratch)
• Raspberries
• More ladyfingers
• Beef sautéed with peas and onions
• A little more custard
• Bananas
• Whipped cream on top

Here is how it turned out: 

Looks beautiful, right? In the bowl, it's glistening and impressive. But once you cut out a slice:

It looks like a custard meat stew with a blob of jam. Plus vomit. And peas.

Time to taste! Neil's a chef, so this thing can't be that bad, right? It's like an episode of Chopped, and most of those meals are at the very least edible.

Well, the reviews are in and...

Oh. Well, we always thought Rachel's concoction was more appropriate for those who recently enjoyed some cannabis. Which is fitting, because the episode is all about the time Ross got high in college and blamed Chandler. Maybe Ross should have lit up a fatty and tried the dessert again. It probably wouldn't have tasted like feet to him.

Anyway, we assume Neil went out onto the balcony so he could enjoy the view whilst he enjoys his dessert?

Nope. That s--t went into the trash. But we applaud this brave chef for taking on this half an English trifle and half a shepherd's pie.

We hope he's now taking requests, because we want to see what he does with Mockolate.

Monica trifle GIF

(H/T Uproxx)

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