Lost, Outrigger


Happy Lost Day, everyone!

It's 4-8-15, 16:23 and 42 seconds, and we're ready to celebrate! What a time to be alive, right?!

Assuming that the world hasn't exploded or we haven't all traveled back to the 1970's (because there was no internet there), it's time to send up one of our favorite shows by highlighting how it frustrated us, because oh, how it frustrated us.

Who was on the outrigger? Where did Walt's powers come from? WTF was that smoke monster? How do the numbers work out that way? And those aren't the only TV-related questions that keep us up at night.

While yes, we have a lot of lingering questions about Lost, we also have a lot of lingering questions about a lot of other shows that have come to torment us over the years. There's still time to answer a few of them, but for others, we've just come to accept the fact that we will probably never know.

Click through our gallery of TV's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries to find out what other topics dominate our therapy sessions each week, and then head to the comments to tell us your own TV conundrums!

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