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"Sometimes, when you work really hard, believe in impossible dreams and wish with all your heart, amazing things can happen."—Probably a quote from some artsy-fartsy indie movie about life and crap

Never has a beautiful, poignant, made-up quote been so relatable.

Taco Bell is reportedly testing a delivery service, which means that life might soon finally have meaning. Forget career aspirations or finding lasting love or receiving the respect of all your peers…this moment is what life is truly all about.

During an interview with Nation's Restaurant News, CEO Brian Niccol confirmed that Taco Bell will be trying out "some form of delivery" later this year. But don't get too excited, you lazy Taco Bell lovers. (Read: most Taco Bell lovers, including ourselves). Niccol said there are still lots of moving pieces to work out before you can get your Nachos Bell Grande without putting pants on, which we guess is possible now if you just go through the drive-through, but you're still at risk of scarring Taco Bell employees for life.

"Even though it's the No. 1 request from consumers, we have to make sure we can give them an experience that's consistent with Taco Bell, and that's what we're working through," Niccol said. "We have to figure it out, and I can tell you right now we don't have it figured out."

Basically: they have to figure out how to do the thing before they can do the thing.

Maybe if you people over at Taco Bell stopped focusing all your energy and time on stuff like the Quesarito and put all your resources and money toward your delivery service, then maybe by 2016 we can open up an app on our phone, touch three buttons and get Grilled Stuffed Burritos and Caramel Apple Empanadas at our doorstep.

Plus, Starbucks is also testing our delivery so with these two services combined, all of our wildest dreams will have come true and everyone can stop searching for the meaning of life. 

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