No Kardashian Parking, Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus

As if parking in Los Angeles wasn't bad enough.

Plastic Jesus, the artist who is quickly making a name for himself as the Banksy of the City of Angels, is at it again with his latest art installation—this time taking aim at the Kardashians.

Signs have begun popping up all around L.A. that read "No Kardashian Parking Anytime," prompting many to take to social media to share the hilarious posters.

Plastic Jesus, who first became famous with his "Stop Making Stupid People Famous" signs, spoke to E! News about what prompted his latest installation.

"It's double-sided. It's intended to criticize us as consumers and the media," he shared. "Without us, there would be no market for the Kardashians. We are equally, if not more so, to blame."

He continued, "I don't have an issue on a personal level [with the Kardashian family], they are doing what they do very well. They have the platform to create a lot of money…I don't dislike celebrities, per se. I think people should be recognized for what they do, not who they are."

One strategically placed sign was even erected right outside of the family's fashion store on Melrose Avenue, Dash.

But luckily for some of the Kardashian family, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, parking won't be an issue as they're both currently visiting Armenia for the very first time.

The two ladies were seen departing from LAX last night with little North West in tow.

And going back to the signage at hand, you may recall Plastic Jesus' last jaw-dropping, Instagram-worthy project dubbed "Hollywood's Best Party": a cocaine-snorting Oscar statue situated right outside of the theater where the 2015 Academy Awards were being held.

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