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Love is in the air for Hoda Kotb!

While many celebrities stayed close to home for Easter weekend, the Today show co-host ventured to Paris where she enjoyed the City of Light with boyfriend Joel Schiffman.

"His daughter goes to school in France for like a study abroad thing, and he was like, 'Maybe we can sneak away for the weekend,'" she shared on Funday Monday.  "So you know what we did? We snuck away."

Hoda Woman continued, "It was one of those great whirlwind trips. We ate in really cool divey places. We walked the streets…"

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And don't get her started on the coffee and chocolate. Yes, Nutella pizza is a thing and it's apparently delicious. "We had such a spectacular time," Kotb gushed. "All we did was walk and have coffee."

Kathie Lee Gifford couldn't help but notice her co-host's happiness and enthusiasm. And is it turns out, the good mood had nothing to do with alcohol.

"That's why she's flying high," Gifford joked. "She had more coffee than wine."

Loyal viewers of Today's fourth hour have known for quite some time that Kotb has had a man in her life. In fact, for two long years, fans only knew the mystery guy as "Boots." 

Hoda Kotb, Joel Schiffman


But in January, guest co-host Billy Bush managed to get Kotb to spill the beans. "You know, I have to say it feels...I feel like some relief because you know when you feel like you're keeping a secret," the 50-year-old journalist shared. "I talked to him this morning and I was like, 'Who cares?' He said, 'Who cares?'"

And just when you thought the relationship couldn't get any better, we learned in February that Gifford is a big fan of the special man.

"Look, he loved her. He met Frank Gifford [too]—he was enamored. I mean, come on, he was on bended knee," she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. "He's the greatest guy ever."

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