Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff, Witney Carson


Raise your hand if you saw this Whitney-Witney awkwardness coming a mile away. 

What, are you sitting on your hands?!

Bachelor Chris Soules is newly engaged to one blonde Whitney (Bischoff) and is partnered up with another blonde Witney (Carson) on Dancing with the Stars, and judge Julianne Hough put that fun fact front and center last night.

"I think what's missing is a little bit of connection between both of you," Julianne told Chris and Witney after their rumba, which earned a 27. "I can respect, I do, the love that you have for your fiancée but I think that there's something that you have to almost give yourself to this Witney for the time being."

We chatted with Chris and Witney after the show, and Chris admitted that Julianne's comments did feel "awkward" but "you just have to take it in stride."

"I was like, what do you mean by that?" Witney mused. "It's so weird…yeah, it was a bit weird. That's all I've got to say."

Chris dedicated his rumba last night to his fiancée Whitney, who has shown up every week to cheer him on.

 "If there was any hesitancy in chemistry," Chris told us, "it was because of the fact I was maybe a little bit unsure at the beginning and then I settled in and felt comfortable. We do have great dancing chemistry and if it's not being shown it's my fault just because I maybe don't know the dance as well, it's not because the chemistry isn't there."

Every day, there seems to be a new rumor that Chris and Whitney Bischoff are not really together any more, and just playing it up for the cameras. (We do have to admit, their chemistry also seems a bit…off in recent weeks. Just us? And we were so so so hoping for a happy ending for Chris. We want to go on about this for so very long, but this is becoming a ridiculously lengthy parenthetical and our deep desire for Chris' happiness is embarrassing.)

 Of course, none of this whole Bachelor backstory, or the choice of Chris' partner, is Witney Carson's doing, but she's still feeling the heat from Bachelor Nation. (Tsk, tsk!)

 "I definitely get some hate-tweets out there, but it's nothing I can't handle," Witney says. "We're dancing partners, we're here to get far in the competition, that's not even been a problem for us. I have to take it in stride and keep doing what we're doing."

 "Take it in stride" is apparently the motto of the day! So we'll do that, too.

In the mean time, check out our "Bachelor/Bachelor "Status Check," a k a a memorial to all the couples who haven't weathered the real-life storm….(Tears!)

For more Dancing With the Stars scoop, check out E! News at 7 and 11 pm tonight!

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