Dani Evans, Instagram


Dani Evans has a message for her haters.

Nine years after Tyra Banks announced that Evans was America's Next Top Model, the Cycle 6 champion addressed her critics in an Instagram post Tuesday morning. The 28-year-old Little Rock, Ark., native—who used her full name, Danielle, during her stint on the UPN/CW completion series—didn't mince words, either.

"To all the simpletons who constantly comment with pseudo concern about my physical appearance now, vs 10 years ago—it's called maturing and gracefully aging. I thought we all learned this basic fact in 3rd grade. So let's stop with the belligerent comments about me needing to eat and the absurd questions if I'm bleaching my skin," said Evans, who has modeled for Y-3, Baby Phat and more.

"To answer both—I have impeccable genetics and a superlative dermatologist," she added.

Evans ended her message with a warning: "Cease with the foolishness or you will get blocked."

According to her management, the size 2 model is 5-foot-11 with a 24-inch waist and 35-inch hips.

Evans' recent posting comes days after France passed a law outlawing excessively thin models and imposing fines on agencies and fashion houses who continue to hire them. In compliance with the law, models must present medical proof of a BMI of at least 18 to book a job. Fashion houses and agency professionals that overlook the ruling could face up to $82,000 in fines or even six months in prison.

Tuesday wasn't the first time Evans has used Instagram to silence her critics, however. In August 2013, the Skinny on Getting In author addressed similar concerns about her appearance.

"In case you didn't know it is highly rude to comment on my weight as if I have an eating disorder or unhealthy. That would be the same as me telling a fat chick she needs to lose weight because her size is unhealthy. Thanks but no thanks for the concern," Evans wrote. "All is well."

When Evans won America's Next Top Model at age 20 in 2006, she was awarded a modeling contract with Ford Models, a fashion spread and cover in Elle and a$100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics. Post-ANTM, she walked in an Express fashion show and modeled in Essence and Seventeen magazines.

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