Can't get enough of The Royals

Mark Schwahn and Elizabeth Hurley gave an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the latest episode of their new, hit show. 

On this episode, there is a lot of tension between Liam and Ophelia, mostly because of Queen Helena. Elizabeth dished, "The Queen can't stand Ophelia that's for sure. She doesn't want her son to date staff and that's that." 

But Mark chimes in about how big Liam's heart is.  

The Royals, Episode 104

Tim Whitby/E!

He discusses a scene in which Liam wants to help a young boy he met during his tour.  Mark says that Liam's thought process was along the lines of, "If I wear this kid's shoes, and I show the press I'm wearing them it's going to change this kid's life."

"I like the heart beneath that," Mark admits. 

Watch the above video to get the full recap of The Royals!

Tune-in this Wednesday for a brand new episode of The Royals at 9PM on E!

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