Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks


It's a resolution fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta thought they would never see.

After group therapy and a whole lot of wishful thinking, Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks finally had time to have a one-on-one conversation during the cast's trip to the Philippines.

Secluded in a private room, the twosome relived all their hurt feelings and tried to understand why the word "whore" has been brought up so many times. As it turns out, the former enemies made more progress than we could have ever hoped for.

"I was in a place of being angry. I was very hurt by what had transpired because really when we first met, we were working on a friendship," Phaedra explained. "At the end of the day, I can't change the past, I can only move forward and I'm ready to move forward. I've been ready to move forward." 

Kenya, on the other hand, had some things to get off her chest. "Even though you say you're over it, your behavior is not showing me that...You shut me down every single time," she explained. "The biggest blow of it is when you started calling me whores."

She continued through (real) tears, "You didn't respect me, care about me. You didn't even treat me like a human being. I just felt like I had no choice but to believe that you are literally just trying to destroy me."

Lo and behold, Phaedra immediately apologized and insisted that she was never "trying to destroy" anyone. She simply wanted to believe Apollo Nida was telling the truth.

Real Housewives of Atlanta, Vacation


"At the end of the day, as a wife, I had to roll with my husband," Phaedra explained through tears. "We don't go together anymore so I don't know what to believe anymore….It's not about you. It's about everything."

After making it clear that Kenya never crossed the line with Phaedra's man, the two were able to hug, kiss and even give credit to Jesus.

"Your slate is clear with me. I'm not looking back. I will never call you a whore again," Phaedra shared. "Why don't you go to church with me on Sunday?" Kenya replied, "Why don't we pray right now?" All together now, can we get an "Amen?!"

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. only on Bravo.

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