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Iggy Azalea makes her big screen debut in Furious 7, but if you're not paying attention you might not see her. OK, maybe we're being a little dramatic, but the rapper is off the screen as quickly as she comes on, saying a whopping 15 words (two lines) in the whole movie.

Her cameo takes place in the beginning, when Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) takes Letty (Michelle Rodriguez­) to their old stomping grounds, the Race Wars, to help her regain her memories. Naturally the crowd swarms her because she was presumed to be dead, and that's when Iggy makes her appearance and delivers her lines.

"Hey, there's the girl I've heard so much about. Where you been at, ghost girl?" she asks.

But Iggy has been nothing but honest about her small cameo in the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. She told Access Hollywood, "Just for me to say two lines, it took like 16 hours of setting up and going over and I definitely have an appreciation for actors now."

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Granted, her line, while short, is one more than Rita Orareceived in Fast and Furious 6, but a minimal appearance nonetheless. Unsurprisingly, Ora didn't fare much better in Fifty Shades of Grey. Despite many public appearances to promote her role as Christian Grey's sister Mia, and even learning French for the role, she was barely onscreen.

Fans were shocked to say the least, and she even addressed the shocking turn of events when she tweeted, "@FiftyShades London premiere tomorrow! It's a blink and you'll miss it role, but I'm so happy to be part of it!"

Her four lines in the risqué film were: "She's here?," "Oh my God, you exist," "Uck, Seattle baseball" and a sentence in French.

While Ora did get the honor of changing languages in her minor role, giving her a slight edge against her fellow pop star competition, it's Rihannawho really wins this battle (no pun intended). The R&B beauty made her acting debut in Battleship, where, to her credit, she had a lot of lines but they weren't groundbreaking. Vulture rounded up all of RiRi's lines and it's more than 20! You can read them all here.

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