Well, it looks like somebody is getting a taste of their own medicine! And we can't say we feel bad about it.

After that devastating long con orchestrated by the Happy Endings writing team—you know, the one where they made everyone believe that there was a fourth season of the show coming?—emotions are running high. All those telling tweets and conspicuous videos could only have been the work of an evil genius. And retribution is coming.

For better or worse, it seems the target of the inevitable revenge plot is former Happy Endings co-producer Lon Zimmet. We started to notice a few suspect tweets that were being retweeted by the Happy Endings writing crew, so we figured some investigating was in order. And what we found appears to be a full-on (and hilarious) hostile Twitter takeover. 

For starters, Zimmet's Twitter bio currently reads "Former Hale & Hearty Soups employee. 4 foot 11 1/2 and proud. I cancelled ABC's Happy Endings and I would do it again." Ouch. His IMDB page reads similarly, saying "Two years after Happy Endings was canceled, Mr. Zimmet is still regularly mocked on social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook."

Then, there are tweets like this: 

And then there's his Instagram profile, which the @HappyWrites account also tweeted out. The feed appears to have started on April 1st with the same defiled cast picture as above, and now includes only screen shots of offensive tweets like the below.


A photo posted by Lon Zimmet (@thereallonzimmet) on

Um your name is Lorand. So who is human garbage?

A photo posted by Lon Zimmet (@thereallonzimmet) on

@davidkomer I cancel what I wanna cancel.

A photo posted by Lon Zimmet (@thereallonzimmet) on

Again, ouch. This whole thing is either a wildly elaborate prank on poor ol' Lon, or he decided to have quite a bit of fun with the fan backlash over the April Fools' joke. But regardless we think the message is clear: Don't mess with Happy Endings fans. Period.

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