Thank you, Will Arnett, for gifting us with this glorious segment. 

In honor of April Fools' day, the former Arrested Development star sent what appeared to be an innocent text to pal Jimmy Kimmel, who immediately fell for the prank and then proceeded to pull it on his friends and family for a whopping six hours. 

Arnett sent the following text to Kimmel, and as the funnyman explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, "I should've known something was up...I never even stopped to wonder why, all of a sudden, Will was being so helpful when he has literally never said or done anything helpful before." 

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Jimmy Kimmel, Accieental Selfie


The message read as follows: "Dude. It's Arnett. As a parent you will appreciate this…You see the camera button next to where you type when you text, Hold it down and slide your finger up to the other camera button that's going to come up and hold it and then release, it's all these filters nobody knows about." 

The prank was a popular one on Wednesday, so there's a chance you may have fallen for it, too, but essentially, doing so will cause your phone to snap a highly unflattering selfie and immediately text it to your friend. 

As expected, the pic of Kimmel was hilarious, and he found the prank so funny, that he simply had to test out on others. 

"So now whatever plans I had for the day are off," he tells the audience. "I will now spend six hours doing this to all of my friends. So I sent the same text…first to my mom and she did it and she tried again. She said ‘I keep taking photos of myself.' April a--hole is what she calls me at the bottom.

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Jimmy Kimmel, Accieental Selfie, Anthony Anderson


"I did it to my dad, I did it to our bandleader Cleto. Cleto tried it over and over again. I did it Jeff Ross the comedian," he continues, sharing the embarrassing pictures on the set's big screen. 

"That's my son looking bewildered," he adds, shamelessly throwing his loved ones under the bus. "My brother-in-law Mike fell for it. This is Jason one of our producers. This is my friend Daniel, this is our co-head writer Danny, I got Guillermo...I couldn't stop doing it!" 

Kimmel proceeds to share unflattering selfies of his cousin, Carson Daly and another of show's producers before saving the best for last. 

"That's Anthony Anderson," Kimmel says, sharing a photo of his pal on the toilet seat. "Who, when I texted him, happened to be on the toilet. Which I will say, it's bad—but it could've been a lot worse." 


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