James Van Der Beek, Anna Camp, Funny Or Die


James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp are taking on Indiana's anti-gay law in a hilarious new Funny or Die video!

The funny clip features the 38-year-old actor and the Pitch Perfect star playing conservative infomercial hosts. While hocking some designer plates, they get a call from an interested male buyer.

"Hey, I love these dishes and this new line is exactly what we need for a newly landscaped garden," the man says.

"Who's we?" Van Der Beek asks. The 32-year-old actress adds, "You said 'we,' who's we?"

"My lover Patrick and I," the guy responds before Camp hangs up and says, "Oh nice. No!"

"Here in Indiana, we have a Religious Freedom law, which means that we don't have to serve anyone who threatens our religion," Van Der Beek explains, referencing Governor Mike Pence's homophobic law. "I mean can you imagine a world where a gay couple asks you to make a cake and then you actually have to sit down and make it?" Camp asks.

"I mean, what's next? I suddenly leave my wife Cindy and go shack up with Don in a postmodern house in Palm Springs?" Van Der Beek says.

The duo then get a call from a lesbian buyer. Naturally, they hang up in a huff. "Oh my god. All these liberals? Are we in Utah?" Camp asks. LOL!

But it's really the last caller that sends them over the edge. Watch the hilarious video for yourself!

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