E! Style Collective, Q&A CTA

Melissa Hebeler/E! Entertainment

Attention, all future makeup mavens and style savants: You now have a direct line to the celebrities' top-tier glam gurus.

We're talking about the same experts who create Katy Perry's crazy-fun costumes, coif Beyoncé's fierce hair and craft Keri Russell's makeup looks.

On the daily, E! Style Collective brings you tips and tricks to get Hollywood's best looks, but now you can ask the pros specific questions yourself.

Take to Twitter or Instagram with your urgent style and beauty queries—tagging #estylecollective—and we'll give you a direct answer to your problems, straight from the minds of Hollywood's most gifted glam makers.

Can't find the perfect blazer to fit your shoulders? Perhaps Kate Mara's stylist will weigh in. Need a recommendation for waterproof mascara? Maybe E! News' Catt Sadler or Zanna Roberts Rassi can lend their professional opinions. It's a grab bag of knowledge just waiting to be activated by your hashtags.

So meet the Collective, check us out on the daily and tweet to your heart's content.

You don't want to keep these celebrity pros waiting.

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