Katie Couric, April Fools


Instead of watching your back on April Fools' Day, maybe you should watch your step!

James Corden thought Wednesday's edition of The Late Late Show would be another hilarious show. He didn't know, however, that the laughs would come at his expense.

When welcoming guest Katie Couric to the stage, the newest CBS host immediately freaked out when his guest experienced a horrible fall down a flight of stairs.

As the audience looked on in shock, Corden sprang into action by running towards the injured journalist. But as it turns out, it was just a big ole' prank.

"April Fools' Day," the real Couric said after appearing at the top of the stairs just a few moments later. "Was that too mean?" 

"I can't breathe. That's like my worst nightmare," Corden explained through laughter once he caught on to the joke. "That's so funny. That's an amazing prank."

He added, "We've been talking about these stairs and going back and forth. Oh my gosh, Katie Couric just died."

So if that wasn't Couric, who took the fall and is this person OK?

"Can we give it up for Heidi my stunt double?" the Yahoo correspondent explained. "She's so great and funny."

This is a good time for Corden to breathe a major sigh of relief. Safety first then laughs, folks. The Late Late Show airs weeknights at 12:35 on CBS. 

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