When you're the Queen of England, you're not just dressing for yourself. You're dressing for an entire country.

Fashion lovers, brace yourselves, because in this final part to the four-video, behind-the-scenes series around One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn's new show The Royals, for the first-time ever you'll get the chance to go on an exclusive tour of the cast wardrobes.

That's rightfrom Jimmy Choo shoes to vintage Christian Dior ties, one thing is for certainthis fictional modern-day British monarchy certainly knows how to dress the part. And now we want to dress like them too.

The Royals

"I'm very lucky that Dolce & Gabbana dressed Queen Helena in quite a few of her outfits, including this one," says Elizabeth Hurley of her character's outfits. "And an awful lot of the super chic dresses. We've got an incredible crew on this and they've put together, I think, some fantastic looks."

Costume designer Rachel Walsh also takes viewers on a guided closet tour for each character, from Queen Helena's elegant dresses to Prince Cyrus' (played by Jake Maskall) flashy style.  His wardrobe is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser with all of his unique prints, wild colors and hard-to-miss accessories.

"His wardrobe is ridiculously peacock-ish," Mark says of Prince Cyrus' style. "It's outlandish and so vibrant and so arrogant. And those choices are really fun."

"Each of the characters have sort of been designed with their own personality in their clothing and what they wear," adds Alexandra Park who plays Princess Eleanor. "She (Princess Eleanor) spends as much money as she can to look kind of cheap. But in a very sexy, badass way."

In the sneak peek above, Princess Eleanor nurses a major hangover while wearing a sparkly mini dress as she's flown back to the palace in a private helicopter. Lesson learned? Just because you're hung over doesn't mean you have to look it.

And just like their father Prince Cyrus, the characters of Princess Penelope and Princess Maribel (played by Lydia Rose Bewley and Hatty Preston) definitely steal the screen in their wild array of outfits, from American flag leotards to leopard print bodysuits. Rachel describes their style as "Absolutely Fabulous on steroids" and we couldn't agree more.

The Royals, Fashion

"I knew coming in here that everything was going to be extravagant and detailed, because it's the royal family," says Merritt Patterson, who plays Prince Liam's love interest, Ophelia. "I mean, when you get the chance to wear these clothes, especially the dresses, it totally changes how you feel. You can't help but feel excited and you feel like a princess."

Whose style from The Royals do you like the most?

Watch the video above to see more exclusive royal fashions and get a sneak peek at the exciting new series coming to E!

E!'s new scripted series The Royals premieres on Wednesday 25th March at 9PM!

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