Fashion Police, Alexa Chung

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Style's biggest It-girl has, well, still got it.

Alexa Chung has partnered with AG Jeans on a new collection featuring skinny jeans, denim dresses and tops that Chung designed with the needs of her own closet in mind. E! News caught up with the star to get the scoop on her fashion and beauty favorites, and her answers might surprise you. Like the fact that the most valuable thing in Chung's closet might be—get this—her tried-and-true Uggs.

"Absolutely no friends of mine have asked me for a style tip," Alexa quipped. "Within my friendship circle it's a source of amusement that I am someone who is known for dressing well because in the house when they see me—when we are having dinner or going out—I'm literally wearing skinny jeans, a navy blue jumper and Ugg boots."

The style maven jokingly predicted that Uggs will make a comeback in 2017, and maintained that she would never swap her wardrobe with another celebrity because their closets might be bereft of her favorite fuzzy footwear: "They wouldn't have all my things that I have collected and they wouldn't have my Ugg boots," she said.

Read on for more of Alexa's style musings, including her travel and beauty essentials!

Alexa Chung

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Why did you decide to get involved with AG jeans?
Because I like them but also because I was considering designing and styling my own line and I just didn't have the wherewithal to put that together. Then they asked me to do this collaboration, so I went to see them and [found] it would be a mutually beneficial partnership. I would learn so much about something I didn't know anything about and they seemed really open to my ideas. I had complete creative control. I just sensed that they were really cool and I've been right because we have been hanging out—on the job and outside of work. It's been really fun, they are so nice.

How involved were you in the design process?
[I was] 100 percent involved. I think I drove them crazy. It wasn't a case of going in and doing whatever they said. I gave them sketches, gave them mood boards and talked through ideas. Then we made them together.

You just mentioned that you would love to do your own line. Do you have a timeline of when you might start that?
I'd love to start that soon because obviously it takes a while to get it up and running. I think within the next year or so.

How would you describe your line for AG Jeans?
I think this particular collection is a reflection of my personal style. It's also a fairly restrained thing in terms of denim. I didn't want to do too much embellishment. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel on that front. I just wanted to make comfortable easy pieces that were missing from my wardrobe and that I thought would be great things to mix with everything else I have. It's quite pared down. It was tempting to be more creative but equally I just wanted one pair of amazing skinny jeans.

Alexa Chung

Splash News

If there was one outfit you had to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?
Skinny jeans, navy blue jumper and ballet pumps. 

Speaking of ballet, I heard you loved to do it. Is that your favorite workout?
Yes, it's the only one I can stick to. I'm shit at exercise unless I enjoy it. Like I hate jogging, I hate it. It hurts my lungs, and I'm not interested. But ballet is lovely: You wear a nice outfit, chit chat throughout the class.

I've given up on the cardio a bit but I love yoga!
Oh I'm really bad at yoga and I get bored. I did it last summer and I was like oh no...I just can't. I'm just not a bendy human!

Which three beauty items are always in your purse?
Eyeko eyeliner, Nails Inc. nail varnish and a Topshop red lipstick called Rio Rio.

What are your travel must-haves?
Oh my God, do you know what my travel must have is? A bloody new suitcase! Because mine just exploded on the plane. It literally split in half—that's when you know you have been going around the world too much. I mean, I travel every 5 days or something. I used to take on a whole bag of beauty essentials and now I just could get on a plane like this and figure it out at the other end. I think people make too much of a ho-ha about cashmere and spray mist.

I know, every celebrity says they use mist on a plane!
It's like f--k off, it's not like you can't remedy it at the other end. No one is actually misting their face mid-flight—they are just not. It's not happening.

What will you be wearing to all the fashion shows next month? Do you have your eye on anything?
I have my eye on this Burberry coat. It's gray. I'd quite like some Stan Smith Adidas trainers. 

What's your go-to survival tip during fashion week?
It is mental!  But I think it's more mental if you're an editor and you have to go to every show back to back and city after city. It's so grueling seeing them on the way back on the Eurostar—everyone is like "Ugh." But for me it's not that bad because I just dip into the odd show. So I don't really need to survive because it's just a pleasant experience. 

Which shows are your favorite?
In New York, I always like the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. In London, I like Christopher Kane. In Paris, I like Chanel! 

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